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Culturally Affirming College and Career Advising for Diverse Communities

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Apply by October 9, 2023 to attend our October 15-17 Bootcamp Workshop!


We are dedicated to helping students from culturally diverse backgrounds achieve their career goals. Our small advising group approach, culturally affirming curriculum, and career-focused discussions will serve as your coach and partner well beyond the college application process. Our goal is to create a supportive team of peers and advising champions who travel along your career journey with you.


We believe that every young person, no matter where they come from, deserves multiple college and career options, including STEM pathways and entrepreneurship opportunities. We’re here to ensure that the pivotal moments of transition become opportunities for everyone in diverse communities. 

Our goal is simple yet powerful: to break down the barriers that stand between you and the resources you need to excel. We’re committed to providing the highest quality guidance and support, no exceptions. Because your potential knows no bounds – and neither should your access to the tools that’ll help you shine.

what we do


We celebrate diversity in our learning environment, affirming your cultural identity. As you pursue your potential, we provide opportunities and connections. Welcome to a place where empowerment and transformative education are the norm, guided by your dreams. Let’s create a unique, vibrant future together.


Your cohort isn’t just a group; it’s your home base, your team, your cheerleaders. During your time with us, you’ll explore the exciting world of college and career possibilities together with your cohort buddies. Whether you’re discovering new paths or making tough decisions, your crew will be there, supporting you every step of the way.


We’re dedicated to equipping students of color with the tools they need for success. Our approach? Personalized guidance tailored to your goals. Imagine immersive masterclass sessions celebrating your cultural identity while delving into college prep, career exploration, STEM pathways, and entrepreneurship.


Are you ready to embark on a journey of personal and professional growth? Welcome to Forward Impact Academy, where we’re dedicated to guiding you towards a brighter future through our comprehensive array of services. As you prepare to apply for college and explore career options, our academy is here to provide you with valuable insights and resources that will empower you to navigate your own career pathway with confidence and success.


Join our dynamic cohorts online for engaging 2 to 3 day Bootcamp workshops that will help you prepare for life after high school and cater to your career and educational aspirations. Collaborate, learn, and grow alongside like-minded peers who share your ambition.


Experience enlightening Career Coffee Chats – the perfect platform to connect with industry experts and gain invaluable insights.


We believe in a holistic approach to your success. Attend our quarterly check-ins to stay updated on your scholar’s progress and connect with our advisors for personalized guidance.