Imani Sowah

Manager of Communications and Marketing

Imani is a passionate changemaker and avid photographer, who graduated from James Madison University and found her calling in community engagement and addressing important issues. Imani finds fulfillment in witnessing the positive impact they make and actively contributes to Mo-saiq mission. Her unwavering dedication and active involvement make her an invaluable member of the organization. Imani’s journey has shaped her into a resilient advocate for positive change, striving for a future where every voice is heard, every community member is empowered, and students from diverse communities can achieve their full academic potential.

Why Mo-saiq

Imani is committed to Mo-saiq due to her profound passion for empowering young individuals from Black, Hispanic, and Indigenous communities, driven by her understanding of their unique challenges and untapped potential. Her personal experiences with these challenges, coupled with her artistic inclination, fuel her determination to create a supportive ecosystem that amplifies the voices of often-overlooked individuals. Imani envisions a world where diversity is not just celebrated but actively nurtured, and her commitment to Mo-saiq reflects her desire to provide these students with the resources and guidance needed for academic and career success. She is dedicated to building a community that fosters inclusivity, equity, and support, aligning perfectly with her vision of empowering diverse changemakers.